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Tools : Hana Studio

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- Install hana cockpit 2 complete example - Un-Install hana cockpit 2

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How to see which sap hana version is currently installed?

Getting SAP HANA database version can be done in different ways. It all depends on which way is the most appropriate for you. The following examples show several ways to obtain current sap hana installation version details as well as how to check up for any recommanded patch update: Using Sap Hana Studio, Using Sap Hana Cockpit, Using SAPGUI, Using HDB, Using an SQL query.

How to show sap hana version using sap hana studio?

This method is the easiest if you have sap hana studio opened on your client interface or on the sap hana server. It is a 3 steps procedure and you get the current version as well as all historical installations.

How to look for sap hana version using sap hana cockpit?

This method is very simple and fast if sap hana cockpit is already opened. Sap Hana version details are immediately available on the main page under the box "Database Information". Further details such as patch installation history can be accessed by clicking the Title "Database Information"

How to retrieve sap hana version details using an SQL query?

If you are using the SQL query to retrieve your current sap hana version details, you will be able to get the answer using any sap hana sql interface such as hana studio SQL console or hdbsql.

hdbsql=> \c -i 02 -d systemdb -u admin_user -p Sys4hundred Connected to hdbsql SYSTEMDB=> \al Aligned output mode switched ON hdbsql SYSTEMDB=> SELECT * FROM SYS.M_DATABASE; | SYS | DATABASE | HOST | START_TIME | VERSION | USAGE | | --- | -------- | ------ | ----------------------------- | ---------------------- | ----------- | | TAX | SYSTEMDB | linux7 | 2021-01-03 13:33:48.928000000 | | DEVELOPMENT |

How to show sap hana version details at the OS level with HDB?

This method is the quickest if you are already connected as < sid >adm. It provides you with a quick and easy way to copy the result content if you need to paste the details in a report such as a SAP support template request.

taxadm@linux2:/usr/sap/TAX/HDB02> HDB version HDB version info: version: branch: tgl/newdb120_rel git hash: e0f41240503a1a3398bf7a3eb1171c0fb2eafad4 git merge time: 2021-01-03 00:25:51 weekstone: 0000.00.0 compile date: 2020-12-03 00:44:41 compile host: fed7284 compile type: rel

How to show SAP Hana Release and Patch Level details with sap GUI?

From the sap GUI Menu: select "System" , "Status". Go to the sap hana database System to get the Release details.

Where to find out about the latest sap hana database version available?

Getting the previous and also the latest sap hana version details available is not that difficult. It is just a matter of going to the sap web site. You will find out what has been improved and what new enhancements and capabilities have been added to the latest sap hana patch and also to any sap hana newest version.

Here is the best place to find out :

How to get latest sap hana revision and patch level details?

In order to get bug corrections and any security patches you can get to the following site and look at the sap note: 2115815. You will get all necessary details about which sap hana revisions can be applied on your hana system.

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