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How to use sap hana minicheck?

Sap hana minicheck is a script which provides an overall checkup result of a tenant database at a particular moment in time. This is a good starting point to get a good health check of a specific sap hana database. The report points out when a value is not matching what is normally expected. The result does not mean there is a problem but you have to understand what is behind the reported values in order to validate an action or not. Running the sap hana minicheck is really relevant after few months of tenant database use. Sap Hana System Database analytic data is then more mature and will provide more appropriate results in regards various performance statistics.

Using a minicheck in hana studio requires few actions. The first one is to get the minicheck file corresponding to you sap hana database version. You get it from the SAP web site. After you got the file, it has to be imported into Sap Hana studio. To retrieve the minicheck in hana studio follow the steps: 1/ "Open Administration", 2/ Goto "System Information" tab, 3/ Drill down the sap hana minicheck imported file name ( Configuration, Minicheck, and finally, double click the version you want to execute the script )

How to get and import sap hana minicheck file in hana studio?

The minicheck sql script is to be downloaded from Sap Site [ id required ] : Note 1969700 . Sap Note "1969700 - SQL statement collection for SAP HANA" html page gives further details about sql statements. Generally speaking, to import the minicheck file you have to follow those steps:
A/ Download the file,
B/ Connect to hana studio,
C/ Connect to a tenant database,
D/ Select "Open Administration",
E/ Select "System Information" tab,
F/ Right click on the "System Information" window area,
G/ Select Import SQL Statements.
That is it.

Get Minicheck file step by step

Download Minicheck file

How to execute sap hana minicheck in hana studio?

The file retrieved from the sap Note 1969700 provides all sorts of sap hana SQL scripts. When the file has been completely imported in hana studio, sap hana predefined scripts appear all over the place. They can be useful on specific analyses basic. Saying that the minicheck script you are looking for does not appear to be right there. There are various ways to look for it. Either use the filter which will show more than one result or go directly to the relevant tenant database minicheck SQL statement which is situated in : Import date , Configuration, Minichecks.

Execute Selected Minicheck Script

Minicheck Report Example

Sap hana SQL

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