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Sap hana password layout features

Sap hana password policy offers strong security features for password lay out. 3 out of 4 character types are set by default. Sap hana password has got to be made with at least 1 lower case character, 1 upper case character and 1 number. The default password minimum length is 8 characters. For example, the following passwords will be accepted under the default password layout settings : aPass4All or ToBe0rN0tToBe

What are the possible sap hana password characters?

Lowercase letters, UPPERCASE Letters, Numerical Digits and Special Characters are the different possible values a sap hana password can be created with. Default password lay out has to be set with at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one lowercase letter out of a minimum of 8 character long password. The layout can be modified to more specific requirements and special characters can also be part of the sap hana password structure.

The following values can be used to create a sap hana password.
Lowercase letter (a-z)
Uppercase letter (A-Z)
Numerical digits (0-9)
Special characters ex: underscore (_), hyphen (-), ? ! and so on
Any character that is not an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, or a numerical digit is considered a special character.

Important Notes: Be aware special characters in a password, apart from underscore, could be a source of problems as they have to be enclosed in double quotes.
[ Ex : This_is"?"passW0rd< /span> and This"#"is_an0ther1 ]

How to set sap hana password layout parameter?

The chosen password layout configuration will force future password format for eveyone. Setting the sap hana password policy "password_layout" parameter is very easy. You can enter any characters, in any format, in any order up to 4 characters.
Saying that, there is a simple rule:

1/ Any lowercase character letter: It means a lowercase character has to be part of the password.
- format ex: a1A or 1aB or Dy7 or T9z mean the same password format
- password ex: [ AGo0dPassW ] or [ 4Y0urEyes0nly ]

2/ Any Uppercase character letter: It means a uppercase character has to be part of the password.
- format ex: aA or Bt or xY mean the same password format
- password ex: [ FOrYOurEyesOnly ] or [ OnlyLeTTERs ]

3/ Any Number: It means a number has to be part of the password.
- format ex: 1 or 5 or 8 mean the same password number format ;
- password ex: Only numbers [ 587462 ] or [ 793746 ]

4/ Any Special character: It means a character which is not a letter nor a number has to be part of the password.
The following format enforce at least each one of the 4 possible characters.
- format ex: aB7_ or ?Ay4 or To_5 mean the same password format ;
- password ex: [ t0"!"bE_rememBered ] or [ SapHana_4A11 ]

-- Setting password policy parameter "password_layout" -- Note : Default setting is Aa1 which is also the same as aB7 -- Here Special character is added as well to the password format. ---------------------------------------------------------------- SQL> ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION('indexserver.ini', 'SYSTEM') SET ('password policy','password_layout') = 'aB7_' WITH RECONFIGURE; -- Creating a user password according to policy layout: "aB7_" ---------------------------------------------------------------- Enforce at least one of each character type SQL> CREATE USER MY_BEST_USER PASSWORD Sap_Hana_F0rAl1;

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