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Troubleshooting sap hana minicheck error :number of tables exceeds its maximum 4095

Running a minicheck may generate the following error :
Cannot get data provider outline
"SAP DBTech JDBC: [463]: number of tables exceeds its maximum: table count in statement exceeds its maximum:4095"
This is a simple problem related to a default configuration on how many tables can be access via an sap hana SQL query. The maximum table access parameter value is set to 4095 by default. Running minicheck is not a simple sql query. It requires to access

In this current situation, the total tables used in a database are more than 4095 tables.

In order to resolve the problem, you have to take off the maximum tables usage limitation. The limitation is maintained via the parameter "max_table_count_in_statement". The sap hana maximum tables parameter value has to be updated to 0.

Default "max_table_count_in_statement" value using hana studio

Change "max_table_count_in_statement" value to unlimited using hana studio

Updated "max_table_count_in_statement" value via hana studio

Running sap hana minicheck for regular tenant database checkup

A quick wait to find out, how a tenant database is performing, is to run the minicheck now and then. Specialy now if the database is showing any performance weakness. A database is going to evolve as far as data is concerned. With time more analytical data is going to be recorded. Minicheck report will return more relevant details. A minicheck report takes around 3 minutes to complete.

Downloading, Installing, Running sap hana minicheck.

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