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- Create a technical User - Create backup users - Create administrator users - Create Modeler User - Create Data provisioning User - Create Cockpit User - Create a user to unlock any users

What to do before updating a user password?

There are few things to consider before changing a password, Unless of course, it is very clear why a user password update can be done straight away without any further implications.
If you are dealing with a standard user which relates to a person, there is no big deal, update the password with a temporary one and let the user update it with his own password. When dealing with a technical user, you are looking at other issues more important such as batch and backup scheduled procedures which could fail in some cases when a user store key is in use. The user store key will have to be tested and likely to be reinitiated.

Now, changing a user password is easy, but forgetting is also easy, so make sure you keep notes uptodate. Other users may have access to or share the same technical user. Letting any user to modify a user password without a protocol procedure may end up into a complete mess where a user is locked or the password is completely lost. The system password is no exception. Be aware resetting a forgotten or corrupted system password may require shutting down the complete system environment. It is not a Joke. Restarting a production database to change a password would be a very bad move. Make sure you have a user administrator in place to avoid that scenario.

Troubleshooting common sap hana user problems?

When dealing with sap hana user, common issues may come up for various reasons. It is important to be aware of those eventualities, to get to the point and solve those small problems immediately. In order to avoid user password cacophony and unrepairable situation such as lost of password, make sure, no user, apart from the administrator and a dedicated manager user, has privilege to change password.

How to modify a user system password in sap hana?

The system user in sap hana is a very particular user. Its password can be updated in various ways like any other standard users but in case of a complete password lost it can also be reset at the os level.
Updating user system password

Troubleshooting sap hana user password expiration

You got a message 'a sap hana user is going to be locked' or the user is already locked because his password validity period is expired. Here is what to do to sort out the issue. In the case of a warning message, then update the user activation period either with a new password or by extenting the validation period date manually. If the user is locked then unlock the user et update the password.
Troubleshooting password expiration

Which privileges to give for sap hana user requirements such as password update?

When you deal with hana users, all sort of task requirements are necessary and also issues such a locked and expired password can happened at any time. Create a user to deal specifically with users is easy and security will be enforced. Find out what is the best thing to do.
Privileges to unlock a sap hana user

Troubleshooting sap hana userstorekey issues

You just changed a technical user password and you realise a batch procedure such as a daily backup is not working anymore. There is most likely a connexion problem. Apart from a stupid hard coded password in a shell script, the issue could be sorted out by updating the userstorekey.
Tips to use sap hana user store key

Troubleshooting sap hana last passwords can not be reused error

You tried to reinitiate a sap hana user password but you get an error message saying you cannot reuse the same password. There is a solution and here is what to do in order to update and keep the old user password.
Re-using an old sap hana password

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